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Also called Jaina Kashi, is a major centre of Jainism in South India. Several Jain Temples (basadi’s), dating back to 10th Century A.D., built out of hard granite, intri-cately carved pillars and other panels are found here. Savira Kambada Basadi- The thousand Pillared Temple of Chandranatha houses a 2.5 metres bronze image of Lord Chandranatha Swami in the sanctum. It is an image of utmost importance in Jainism. The Guru Basadi is the earliest Jain monuments of Moodabidri. Lord Parshwanatha the 23rd Jain Thirthankar (saviour and spiritual teacher of Dharma-the righteous path) is the presiding deity. A 3.5 m stone idol of Parshwanatha, is installed in the sanctum. Rare Jain palm leaf manuscripts of 12th century A.D. known as ‘Dhavala texts’, famous Jain canonical texts, were discovered here.

There are a number of Hindu temples in Moodbidri. The Gowri (Goddess) Temple built in the 7th century and the Hanuman Temple are located in the heart of the city. Shri Venkataramana is a rock built temple, and is famous for hosting festive celebrations. Festivities and Rituals at Moodabidri

Hulivesha (Tiger dance): A unique form of folk dance is performed during the Dussera cel-ebration.

Bhoota Kola (Spirit worship): Most of the temples conduct Bhoota Kola during their annual festival.

Navaraatri:10 day annual festival, held in the honour of the Goddess.

Reaching Moodabidri, Karnataka:

  • Byndoor

    The nearest railway station

    By Road: Byndoor Mookambika Railway Station to Mookambika Temple 28(kms), 35 mins

  • Mangalore

    The nearest airport and railway station

    By Road: Mangalore to Moodabidri 33.7 (kms), 54 mins

  • Bangalore

    By Road: Bangalore Airport to Moodabidri 374 (kms), 7h 16m

    By Rail: Bangalore Station to Mangalore Junction 503(kms) 11h 40m

  • Mumbai

    By Road: Mumbai Airport to Moodabidri 910 kms, 15h 54 m

    By Rail: Mumbai CST to Mangalore Junction 711 (kms), 14h 30m

  • From Aryaan Hotels, Udupi:

    By Road: 64.1(kms), 1h 30m


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