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Live healthy, by the sea!

Most of us dream of owning our own beach-side property, where the sounds of waves play a soothing soundtrack to a blissful, carefree life. Well, for those looking for a coastal lifestyle, there’s more than just being away from our hectic city lives that makes living on the sea shore good for health.

Iodine, an element vital for the proper functioning of the thyroid gland, is found in abundance on the coast. The spray from crashing sea waves releases Iodine into the air, so you’re breathing in all that wellness.

Homeopaths across the world recommend drinking small amounts of sea water. Living by the sea gives your body cells the chance to absorb the nutrients carried by sea water, without having to physically drink the salty water.

Sea water is also used for therapy, known as Thalassotherapy, and has antiseptic properties. The health benefits don’t just end with sea water! Research has shown that the sound of the waves can affect brain wave patterns and put the listener into a deep, relaxed state, and what’s more, the air near the sea is also filled with negatively charged ions which help the body to better absorb oxygen and give you a relaxed, blissful disposition.


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