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Kukke Subramanya Temple

Here Lord Kartikeya- Son of Shiva and Parvati is worshiped as ‘Subramanya’-Lord of Serpents. The epics relate that the divine serpent Vasuki and other serpents found refuge here under Subramanya when threatened by Garuda (humanoid bird), mount of Vishnu. This makes the temple significant for believers who wish to cleanse themselves of Sarpadosha- Wrath of the Serpent God. Kartikeya symbolises a union of polarities and is described as a philosopher-warrior. He is worshiped in the Hindu faith as a God of War and leads the army of gods- Deva Senapati, as well as preaches ethical ways of living. It is believed that after defeating Asura (demon) chiefs Tharaksura and Soorapadhma, Kartikeya cleansed his weapons in the river Kumaradhara which runs along the temple.

Pilgrims going to the temple have to cross the river and bathe in it before entering the sanctum sanctorum. Kumaradhara is believed to be the waters from all the holy rivers brought together during the wedding ceremony of Kartikeya and Indra’s daughter. Overlooking the temple is the mountain Kumara Parvatha, Kumara-another name for Kartikeya. It is the 2nd highest peak in the district of Kodagu and 6th highest peak in the state of Karnataka.


  • Village: Subramanya
  • Taluka: Sullia
  • District: Dakshina Kannada
  • State: Karnataka

Winter is the best season to visit - (Months of September to March)

Festivities at Kukke Subramanya Temple:
Maharathotsava: Annual festival in the month of November

Reaching Kukke Subramanya, Karnataka:

  • Byndoor

    The nearest railway station

    By Road: Byndoor Mookambika Railway Station to Mookambika Temple 28(kms), 35 mins

  • Bangalore

    By Road: Bangalore Airport to Kukke Subramanya Temple- 308.1(kms) 5h 31m

    By Rail: Bangalore Railway Station to Subramanya Road Station 417(kms) 9h 30m

  • Mangalore

    Is the nearest airport to Kukke Subramanya

    By Road: Mangalore airport to Kukke Subramanya Temple- 111.1 (kms), 2h 28m.

    By Rail: Mangalore junction to Subramanya Road Station- 86 (kms), 3h.

  • Mumbai

    By Road: Mumbai Airport to Kukke Subramanya Temple- 1,004.1(kms) 17h 23m

    By Rail: Mumbai CST to Mangalore Junction- 1196(kms) 14h 30m

  • From Aryaan Hotels, Udupi:

    By Road: 165.6 km (3h 38 m)

    By Rail: Udupi Station to Subramanya Road Station 178(kms) 4h 46m

    Subramanya Road Station is the nearest Train station.Station to temple 12.4(kms) 19mins

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