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Gomateshwara Statue at Karkala

The monolithic Gomateshwara statute of Bahubali at Karkala stands 42 ft. (13m) tall and is the second-tallest statue in the state of Karnataka. Bahubali is a much revered figure among Jains. The statue is a symbolic depiction of prolonged meditation and motionless contemplation -Kayotsagara (standing still posture)- endeavoured by Bahubali. He is said to have meditated for one year and after his year of meditation, Bahubali attained omniscience (Kevala Gyana). According to Jain texts, Bahubali attained liberation from the cycle of births and death (moksha) at Mount Kailash and is revered as a liberated soul (Siddha) by Jain’s.


  • Hill: Gomma-betta
  • Town: Karkala
  • District: Udupi
  • State: Karnataka

Winter is the best season to visit Udupi- (Months of October to March) Festivities at Gomateshwara, Karkala. Annual Rathothsava in the month of February Mahamasthakabhisheka of Lord Bahubali held once in 12 years

Reaching Gomateshwara, Karkala:

  • Udupi

    The nearest Railway station to Gomateshwara, Karkala

    By Road: Udupi Station to Gomateshwara, Karkala 40.8 (kms), 59m

  • Mangalore

    The nearest airport to Gomateshwara, Karkala

    By Road: Mangalore airport to Gomateshwara, Karkala 47.5 (kms), 1h 15m

    By Rail: Mangalore Junction to Udupi Station 92 (kms), 1h 56m

  • Bangalore

    By Road: Bangalore Airport to Gomateshwara, Karkala 385.2 (kms), 7h 13m

    By Rail: Bangalore Station to Udupi Station 595 (kms), 12h 16m/p>

  • Mumbai

    By Road: Mumbai Airport to Gomateshwara, Karkala 891.4 (kms), 15h 10m

    By Rail: Mumbai CST to Udupi Station 1115 (kms), 13h

  • From Aryaan Hotels, Udupi:

    By Road: 47(kms), 1h 15m

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