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Shri Kshetra Dharmasthala- The Land of Righteousness and Piety

Defined by its name, Dharma- the righteous path, Dharmasthala- Abode of Dharma is an embodiment of the world’s most divine emotions. A confluence of different faiths, Lord Shiva the chief deity of Dharmasthala is worshipped here as ‘Manjunatheshwara’ along with Daivas (guardian spirits of Dharma) and Jain Tirthankaras (saviour and spiritual leaders of Dharma). For centuries Dharmasthala has been a Jain Basadi (shrine or temple) of shri Chandranatha Swamy. Made of pristine white marble surrounded by lush green foliage the shrine is a perfect setting to contemplate teachings by Swamy, and his disciples about our mortal life. Situated a kilometre from the Manjunatha Temple and lead by a beautiful pathway is the majestic shrine and statue of Lord Bahubali standing tall at 39 ft. (12 m high). It is one of the five monolithic statues of Bahubali in the state of Karnataka. Bahubali represents complete victory over earthly desires and needs, which forms the edifice for spiritual ascent towards divinity.

Due to its acceptance of different faiths and a unique collaboration between Jain administration and Hindu Priests, Dharmasthala is considered an epitome of religious tolerance and is a legacy entrenched over more than 800 years.


  • Town: Dharmasthala
  • Taluka: Belthangady
  • District: Dakshina Kannada
  • State: Karnataka

Winter is the best season to visit - (Months of October to March) Festivities at Dharmasthala. Laksha deepotsava- Annual grand festival of lights the festival of lights, celebrated during the last five days in the month Kartik (November-December) Annual Jathre- A nine day festival during the month of April

Reaching Dharmasthala, Karnataka:

  • Mangalore

    The nearest airport to Dharmasthala, Karnataka

    By Road: Mangalore airport to Dharmasthala 75 (kms), 2hrs

    By Rail: Mangalore Junction to Yedamangala Station 69 (kms), 1h 29m

  • Yedamangala

    The nearest Railway station to Dharmasthala, Karnataka

    By Road:Yedamangala Station to Dharmasthala, Karnataka 44.9 (kms), 1h 11m

  • Bangalore

    By Road: Bangalore Airport to Dharmasthala, Karnataka 319.2 (kms), 6h 18m

    By Rail: Bangalore Station to Mangalore Junction 503 (kms)

  • Mumbai

    By Road: Mumbai Airport to Dharmasthala, Karnataka 950.6 (kms), 15h 58m

    By Rail: Mumbai CST to Mangalore Junction 711 (kms), 14h 30m

  • From Aryaan Hotels, Udupi:

    By Road: 114.3 (kms), 2h 39m

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