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Why tourists prefer these alternatives to travel instead of Goa?

Goa has become a hub of intermingling cultures, international cuisine and beautiful beaches. But planning a Goa vacation needs both of your time and money. We constantly keep on dragging the Goa plan for months. But have you thought that there are other places which hosts just as calm and serene beaches as Goa? And the best part is that they are off-tourists and inexpensive compared to Goa. So no more procrastinating that quick weekend vacation plan. Here are three places which are perfect alternatives to Goa.

Udupi: Udupi is home to one of the most serene beaches in Karnataka. Kapu or Kaup beach, called so in Tulu language, is just 12 km from Udupi district. Besides white sand stretching belt, there also stands an old lighthouse around 100 ft. high built in 1901. This beach has just the right spiritual vibe to uplift your mood instantly. A quaint island called St Mary’s island is just off the coast and is a place where Vasco de Gama set his first foot. It’s undiscovered trails, exotic wild life and rock monoliths are sure to make your vacation calm and de-stressing. Besides, it also holds immense religious importance and is known for the famous Hindu temple dedicated to lord Krishna.

Gokarna: Gokarna, a small town in Karnataka attracts worshippers from all over the country because of the famous Mahabaleshwar temple, believed to be the original image of the Lord Shiva’s linga. What mostly goes unnoticed about Gokarna is that it hosts a lot of pristine beaches around the coast. Om beach is famous among the tourists as it forms the symbol “Om” which holds a huge spiritual importance among hindus. There are some sparsely populated yet beautiful beaches like Paradise beach and half moon beach; now who does not enjoy a swim in calm waters?

Tarkarli: Tarkarli is a tourist destination in Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra. It is known for its coral beaches and a place for spotting dolphins. Some of the beaches where you could spend your lazy mornings are Tarkarli, Kolam and Achra. The area hosts beautiful views of backwaters and the Karli river meeting the Arabian sea near the Karli creek. Tarkarli has historical importance because of the submerged fort Sindhudurg built by the Maratha emperor Shivaji.


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